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Saxon CloudDesk – Digital Workplace Solutions


Build Workplace 2.0 – Give freedom for your workforce to connect and work from anywhere

As we continuously adapt to the new normal, business continuity takes precedence to develop preparedness to navigate these challenging times and future challenges. With CloudDesk, we create the capability for you to onboard and collaborate effectively from anywhere.

Besides, your business needs a virtual desktop solution that provides employees safe and secure access to the platforms needed to complete their daily tasks. Further, this has to integrate well with your current IT ecosystem and be painless for your infrastructure team to manage.

CloudDesk, Saxon’s digital workplace solutions suite, checks all the above key considerations, and you can:

1. Set up and deploy a complete Functional Virtual Desktop environment in just a few hours

2. Enhance employee productivity

3. Save more money with advanced auto-scaling and unified image management.

4. Experience Single point of accountability for all end-user experiences.

Are you a Digital First Enterprise ready to deploy a highly secure virtual desktop solution for your workforce?

  • Easily automate and manage large VD deployments in just a few clicks.
  • Simple, automated & guided deployment
  • Seamless integration into existing deployments
  • Role-based WVD tenant management
  • Deliver an unmatched user experience to your workforce
  • Advanced schedule and event-based autoscaling
  • Usage and performance monitoring
  • Why choose CloudDesk?

  • An enterprise-grade solution that addresses data residency, compliance, and security requirements to meet your custom needs.
  • Can co-exist or integrate with your existing Virtual Machines/Desktop environment without disruption.
  • Zero lock-in period. Disengage without any impact on users and infrastructure.
  • Personal and Shared user options to suit your requirements.